How many women can say with honesty that they love their belly?

Sadly, not many at all.

Women often don’t like to look at their belly because they feel ashamed of its shape and/or scars. They may verbalize outwardly AND inwardly that they “hate” their belly and may feel that it needs to be covered up at all times.  They may become so disconnected with the power and wonder of their amazing abdomen that they don’t regard it as having any impact on their lives or health.  

Ignored, shamed, assaulted and misdiagnosed  (just to name a few), women have been led to believe that their bodies are dirty, weird, gross or don’t work right, and they certainly are not taught to love them. 

This is a major problem for women’s health – in an already troubled area.

Integrative Abdominal Surgery Recovery Therapy

Something To Think About:

When a  woman hates her belly, hides it, and doesn’t pay attention to it other than to be ashamed of it, the result is that she becomes detached from her Sacred Womb and the power it holds. She won’t know how vital her pelvis is to her very existence, so she won’t care to learn how her Sacred Womb inner organs work, nor how to take care of them. 

Worse yet, ,the shame and detachment to our Sacred Womb carries over to the doctor’s office!  When we have issues with fertility, experience painful or missing periods, have bladder control problems, digestive disorders, and unexplained abdominal pain, our doctors often respond by looking for outside reasons or only treat ONE part of the problem that is actually interconnected to our entire Sacred Womb. This results in misdiagnosis again and again.  

The result is that women are left to feel “crazy” or “dumb”  when in fact, this has been a systemic problem that has impacted us for generations!

The Solution:

Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy

It is Amy Lee’s passion and her vocation in this lifetime to educate women about their pelvic health. She understands that the pelvis is the foundation, core and power house of our body.

Amy Lee will teach you how to love your body.

She has created “Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy.” A specially developed therapy that helps women heal through their pelvis on physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional levels.  This customized and proven therapy helps women understand their body, their cycle, and what’s happening to their organs with age, so that they can harness the power of their Sacred Womb to create the life that they want. 

Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy helps women heal in two ways: 

  • Sacred Womb Fertility for fertility, miscarriage, secondary infertility, missing periods, post birth healing, and more!
  • Sacred Womb Health for help with bowel and bladder issues, sexual dysfunction, C-section recovery, hysterectomy healing, and more! 

How does Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy work?

How does it help?

Using a combination of specially chosen therapies, Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy creates healing opportunities on a physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional level.   She has combined visceral manipulation, fascia body work, Holy Fire Reiki energy healing, essential oils, her intuitive spiritual guidance and gift of mediumship to help her clients gain healing holistically and on a deeper level than typical singularly focused treatments.

 “Our health issues show in physical from last. And, if we only treat the physical, we’ll never be truly healed.”

As women, we are quite literally the portal between Spirit and Earth.  Our Sacred Womb Space  is an amazing power throughout our lifetime that should be harnessed, not ignored. .  Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy will  tap into that power and release it into the world.

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“When I help a woman heal, through the Sacred Womb, she will heal everyone around her and that is how we heal the world!”

~Amy Lee

“Hi! I’m Amy Lee!  I’m a single mom of three, entrepreneur, author, podcast creator and host, and business owner.  But above all, I’m on FIRE for holistic health and healing.

I love hula hooping, belly dancing, and spending time with my fantastic kids.

 My experiences with my own c-sections coupled with other health issues taught me a valuable lesson: doctors do the best that they can with the information they have based on how they were trained.  This leaves gaps.  So. I decided to provide other options to women. Every body is unique and no one knows their body better than YOU do, so…I listen! Then, I create an integrative plan full of the best possible ways to address your personal wellness goals.”

“Amy has a wonderful knoack of knowing exatly what I need every time I see her. I look forward to my every other week appointments and know I’ll walk out feeling so much better! She truly listens and gives feedback of other things that may be of help as well. What a great asset to our community. So happy I found her!”

Amy H.

Massage Client

Helping you to be the healthiest version of you!

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