Guiding Women to Pelvic Healing

To the woman who’s been told:

  • “You need to relax.”

  • “You’re just getting older.” 

  • “Periods are painful, that’s the way it is.

  • “Incontinence is just part of a woman’s life.”

  • “Your blood results are normal.”

I’m telling you the opposite of this.

The truth is, women are passed over again and again when it comes to their health.  

You deserve better treatment! We ALL do!

Honoring the Divine Feminine at Soul Healing Bodywork

You might be about to give up thinking,

It must just all be in my head.” 

“The doctor didn’t find anything, so I must be fine.”

“Am I just crazy?”

Don’t give up!

Your symptoms ARE REAL! 

Your body IS trying to tell you something

I’m here to help!

The Struggle is REAL, Right?

Unfortunately, most of us have had these feelings and experiences when we try

to get help for our pelvic health issues.

The really sad thing is that you’ve been doing everything RIGHT in seeking help for: 

      • Incontinence
      • Digestive disorders
      • Menopause issues
      • Unexplained pain
      • Recovery from abdominal surgeries
      • Laparoscopy, laparotomy
      • D&C, LEEP, abortion, cystocele or rectocele repair 
      • Period Pain
      • Infertility
      • Hysterectomy pain

 But the help hasn’t been there for you.

You are not alone!

There was a time when I thought my pelvic pain and issues were “normal” and something that was just part of being a woman.
Like you, I was made to believe that being a woman was supposed to be painful and I just had to accept it.  

But, something inside me knew this wasn’t true

After I received medical training to become a nurse, I had even more trouble accepting pelvic pain, issues, and discomfort are “normal.” 

It was my education and experience as a Massage Therapist and Gyno Visceral Manipulation Therapist that helped me to
know that I was right!  Being a woman doesn’t mean that I need to accept pain as normal!  

So I created my proven Sacred Womb Therapies to help as many women as I can.

Welcome to a new approach to pelvic wellness & healing!

I created Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Health precisely for this purpose.

My focus and goal is to LISTEN to you and to consider your current experience as well as your past health concerns.  Then, add personalized elements to my proven Sacred Womb Health therapy for your specific needs to help you heal – holistically and WHOLLY.

My Sacred Womb Health is:

  •  Integrative
  • Customized
  • Non-Invasive
  • Compassionate
  • Restorative

I invite you to reclaim YOUR Sacred Womb Health today!

Sacred Womb Healing with Amy Lee of Soul Healing Bodywork

About Amy Lee

Amy Lee has worked in the medical field since 1997, first as a CNA then as an LPN. She became interested in energy healing in 2011 and became a Reiki Practitioner and eventually a Reiki Master.

In 2013 Amy Lee decided to leave nursing to help people heal in a more natural way through massage and graduated in 2014 from Health Touch School of Massage.   A month later, Amy opened her own business and has never looked back.  “I love the feeling I get when people leave my space with less pain and tension and a smile on their face. The hugs are great too!”

In 2018 Amy Lee took gyno visceral manipulation training that shifted the trajectory of her business.  Having the desire to focus on women’s pelvic health and also combine all of her knowledge and experience, Amy Lee created Sacred Womb Therapy (a holistic method that supports the Body physically, energetically, emotionally & spiritually). “I know and understand the connection between our pelvic health, past trauma and our physical health. The combination of modalities that I offer, provide holistic support and healing to the entire Being.”

Some things you may not know about Amy:

  • She is the creator and host for a Internationally Top Ranking Podcast focused on women’s pelvic health.  She is joined by guests from around the world discussing topics that women need and want to learn more about regarding their pelvic wellness. 
  • She is a sought after speaker who educates about women’s pelvic health through story. Her delivery of facts mixed with humor and personal life experience is unique and engaging!
  • She is a published author of two children’s books, If I Lived In The Jungle and If I lived In The Ocean, which are available for purchase in her office.
  • She has three incredible children, so she is very aware of the importance of self-care to maintain balance. Amy Lee says, “I very much understand the  desire to be everything to everyone. but we can’t do that until we fill ourselves up first. Our children, friends and family benefit from our self care.”
“Amy has a wonderful knoack of knowing exatly what I need every time I see her. I look forward to my every other week appointments and know I’ll walk out feeling so much better! She truly listens and gives feedback of other things that may be of help as well. What a great asset to our community. So happy I found her!”

Amy H.

Massage Client

Helping you to be the healthiest version of you!

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