Guiding Women to Holistic Fertility Treatments and Pelvic Healing.

If you’ve been struggling to get and stay pregnant, you may feel frustrated, lonely and like you tried it all. 

But, I encourage you to consider a new approach: Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Fertility –  a specialized form of Holistic Fertility or Natural Fertility.  

Here’s why:

  • Holistic isn’t just a buzzword.  It’s a therapeutic strategy that can be used with or without other fertility treatments.  
  • It’s inclusive – your partner is invited to attend your sessions for feelings of inclusion rather than exclusion.
  • My method is fertility-enhancing without the requirement of fertility medications..
  • Typical treatments for infertility are very expensive and you may need a much more affordable option.
  • My therapy won’t disrupt your hormones – instead, it’s calming, relaxing and balancing
  • It can help you to be as prepared as possible for a successful pregnancy

Sacred Womb Holistic Fertility with Soul Healing Bodywork

A healed womb space is a very inviting space for a baby!

It’s true!  There may be things blocking your natural fertility that

traditional fertility treatments can’t address. 

Holistic women's pelvic wellness therapy


Raise your hand if this is you:

    •  You’ve been trying to get pregnant on your own for a while now, and it’s just not happening.
    •  Or maybe you’ve already been down the road of Clomid, IUIs and/or IVFs and nothing has worked.
    •  Or perhaps you have a diagnosed hormone condition like fibroids, low progesterone, irregular cycles, PCOS, or endometriosis and you’re clear that you need to take steps to heal it so you can get pregnant and have a baby, but you’re confused as to what you should even do.
    • Or maybe you haven’t started trying yet, but you know you want to do everything possible to get your body and your fertility in the best place possible.
    • You know it’s time to put your entire focus on getting pregnant naturally and you want natural fertility experts to guide you with confidence and support. This is why choosing Amy Lee’s Sacred    Womb Fertility is a great option for holistic fertility because my work is INCLUSIVE. I will happily engage with your fertility doctor, hormone specialist, nutritionist, etc to help you have an            amazing journey.  
    • You’re tired of spinning your wheels and feeling alone.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or with IVF / IUI, increase your chances of conception with Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy

When you’ve been trying to conceive without success,

you can end up feeling hopeless, depressed, lonely, anxious, and even angry.   

It can be beyond frustrating if you’ve been experiencing:

  • Secondary infertility 
  • Pregnancy loss / miscarriage
  • Endometriosis or PCOS 
  • Failure to conceive despite all of your efforts
  • Experienced abdominal surgery that has left you with debilitating scar tissue 
  • Endured past abdominal trauma such as sexual abuse 

Let’s change this story.  

Regardless of where you are on your fertility journey, I can help.

I created Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Fertility because there may be things blocking your natural fertility, inhibiting your hormonal function, and preventing you from getting, and staying, pregnant that medications can’t fix

My customized, healing therapy is designed to get to the core reasons for infertility within your specific body.  

Optimizing, revitalizing, healing, and restoring the power within your Sacred Womb Space can be the key ingredient to helping you get and stay pregnant.  

There is NO therapy given to women after pelvic injury

I’m a mom of three and had each by C-Section. I realized there is NO therapy given to women after any abdominal surgery, let alone child birth. I noticed that therapy was given after many other surgeries and traumas so….why are women getting the therapy they need and deserve for their pelvic health? 

 So, I set out to make a much needed change.

 I created “Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy” because I was seeking answers, pain / symptom relief, and better healing than I had experienced with traditional medicine but didn’t see any options.  I KNEW there had to be a better way.  So, after receiving education and certifications in this field, I developed my specific technique to help women with their pelvic health no matter their age or stage of life

amy lee welcomes you to holistic fertility and holistic womens pelvic health and healing

I’m guiding women to holistic fertility – in a  WHOLE new way! 

Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Fertility is about taking you on an amazing, .healing journey. 

When you work with me, you’ll release past trauma, realign organs for optimal health which can help you feel amazing and reconnect with your Divine Feminine Power

The best part about this journey is how you’ll reclaim your joy and reduce your stress because each session is focused on addressing YOUR specific needs.

I know you’ll have some questions, so let’s start the conversation now!

Meet Amy Lee:

Light Healer Amy Lee of Soul Healing Bodywork


Have you felt heard when it comes to your health, specifically pelvic health? Have you felt hopeless in your quest to overcome infertility? Or have you been forced to simply accept that your periods are ‘supposed to’ hurt? Or, that as you age, your periods are supposed to become abnormally heavy as a ‘result of peri-menopause’?

Have you been told that it’s normal to leak or dribble urine – that bladder trouble is ‘common for women’ and the only cure is surgery? Have you felt lost in the medical system? Never being truly recognized or helped?

I’m here to do the opposite! I’m here to give you hope and encouragement and to let you know there are answers to your pelvic health struggles! I’ve worked in health care for over 22 years and during the last two plus years, I have dedicated myself to holistic women’s pelvic health because I recognize the lack of understanding and compassion women often experience in the medical system.

The best service I can provide is to HEAR you and offer alternative therapies to address your specific needs individually or in conjunction with your healthcare provider. I combine physical, energetic and emotional healing therapies to help treat you as a WHOLE.

The result is that we become a team, working to get you to the healthiest version of you. I hear you, Sister, and am ready for you to be healed. Are you?

“Amy has a wonderful knoack of knowing exatly what I need every time I see her. I look forward to my every other week appointments and know I’ll walk out feeling so much better! She truly listens and gives feedback of other things that may be of help as well. What a great asset to our community. So happy I found her!”

Amy H.

Massage Client

Helping you to be the healthiest version of you!

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