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Choose between a 60 or 90-minute massage 

  • When you sign up for monthly membership, you’ll receive 15% OFF your massage 
  • You’ll also receive 10% OFF any other Soul Healing Bodywork service
  • *If for some reason you aren’t able to come in that month, you can “gift” your massage to someone else! (You’ll need to contact me in advance to arrange this.)   


  • Also known as “punch cards” this savings option allows you to receive your 9th service for FREE! 
  • How it works: each time you come in for a service, you’ll receive a “punch” on your loyalty card that consists of 8 boxes.  When they’re all “punched,” your 9th service is FREE!
  • You’ll need to contact me to get your Loyalty Savings Card.

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Reproductive Health - Shared Journey Fertility Program
“A very positive experience … I’ve been getting massages (and occasional Reiki) from Amy every month for years and she’s always been flexible with scheduling and willing to accommodate changes. She is AWESOME!!! Best massage therapist in the area by far!”


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